SVRN Blog – Call for Contributions

The State Violence Research Network is inviting contributions from students, scholars, activists, and other interested contributors to submit blog posts, interviews, book reviews, etc., to be published by the network.

Open to all, and not limited to a particular time period, the SVRN welcomes posts between 800 and 1500 words, related to the aims and interests of the network. These include, but are not limited to the boundaries and definitions of state violence, the experiences, manifestations, representations of and responses to state violence, as well as tactics/examples of resistance in either fiction/creative media or from real world experiences.

The SVRN is an interdisciplinary network and so there is no limit on academic field or area of interest.

To propose a blog post, please send your name, email address, proposed title, and post length to stateviolenceresearchnetwork[at]

We aim to have posts appearing every Wednesday from the first week of February. Please share widely with anyone you think might be interested.

In solidarity,


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