Gendered State Violence WG

The Gendered State Violence Working Group is a multidisciplinary group that focuses on instances of state violence against individuals on the basis of gender. The initial aim of this group is to explore the state’s current and past approaches to issues concerning, but not limited to gender and:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Police and the prison system
  • Immigration policy
  • Welfare
  • Race
  • Crime and Justice
  • Sexuality and Reproduction

The GWG is interested in collaborating with individuals and organisation, both within and outside academia, to explore, educate, and challenge the state and its role in acts of gendered violence.

If you are interested in joining/getting involved with our working group, hosting an event, or simply informing us about your work or event, please get in contact with Jessica White at with the subject line
‘Gendered State Violence Working Group’

Gendered State Violence Conference Panel (please click here for conference info)

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Gendered State Violence Working Group

Upcoming Events – MONDAY NOVEMBER 25TH, 2019.

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Current Projects:  [Under Discussion]

Jessica White – facilitator
Ximena Osorio-Garate