Refugees and State Violence WG

The Refugees and State Violence Working Group (SVWG) focuses on tensions existent around borders. Our primary concern is the relationship between the status of ‘refugee’ and citizenship rights in the space of Nation State. Our key areas of exploration are as follows:

  • Detention centres and violent relocation
  • Citizenship/ Non-citizenship
  • Geopolitical/globalised conceptions of space and legal inhabitancy
  • Fetishization and commodification of migrant labour
  • Human mobility in a technological age

Ideas of the ‘natural born citizen’ and the distinct space of nation state (as separate from each other) will be interrogated through the working group. These will be the backdrops of causation critically looked at through the group, which lead to inherent violence against categorisations of ‘alien’ peoples who are denied the status of citizenship.

If you are interested in joining the Refugees and State Violence Working Group, or finding out more, please contact the facilitator Shaheena Patel, by emailing

Current Projects: To analyse the spaces refugees are cordoned off to, and potential alternative spaces within the framework of nation states.

Ideal spaces: what universal status can be occupied by people across nation states, in which rights are guaranteed without being institutionally curtailed.

Event: TBA

Contributors: Shaheena Patel, facilitator.