Space and Urbanism Working Group

The Space and Urbanism Working Group is interested in the dialectics between space, state and society. The SUWG considers space as a social product, with material and symbolical dimensions and urbanism as a social praxis. Key areas are the following:

1: How the state and the actors who embody it produce physical spaces and imaginaries of space and use them for several purposes (control, repression, legitimation…).
2: How some actors perceive, use and produce spaces as a way to counteract state and police actions.
3: How urbanism results from and produce relations of power but can be also a way to create urban activism.
4: How spaces can shape in return the everyday practices of those different actors, political rights and inequalities (in terms of gender, class, race, age, sexuality).

The SUWG take a critical view on geography and urbanism, considering that the production of space influences our everyday and political life.
If you would like to participate in this working work, please email the facilitator, Laura Monfleur, on the following address:

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